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Science Behind Technology

Rosedowns – Pressing Excellence

Located in the city of Kingston Upon Hull, England and established since 1777, Rosedowns is a pioneer in its field. Having an unrivalled reputation around the world for supplying processing equipment and replacement parts to the vegetable oil and rendering industries, Rosedowns boasts references of its equipment in more than 100 countries.

The first choice for screw presses

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Rosedowns are at the forefront of pressing technology and, with more than 3,500 presses supplied worldwide, Rosedowns can claim to be the world’s leader in the design and manufacture of Screw Presses, continually setting new standards for design and performance.

With a range of presses having capacities from 40kg/hr to 900 Tonnes/day (dependent upon feed material), Rosedowns has a press to suit your processing needs.

In setting a high standard of quality and performance, Rosedowns Screw Presses are operated not only by all the multi-national, but independent processors too, each time proving to be a highly successful and reliable investment.

Rosedowns – Spare Parts and Services

The first choice for screw press wearing parts
With an extensive range of Rosedowns presses in the market, we offer a complete replacement spare parts and after-sales service for our equipment.

Upgrades and Conversions

Rosedowns extensive experience of spare parts design and manufacture allows us to utilise this expertise to improve the performance and extend the wear life of parts in all our machines, both old and new. This understanding also enables us to replicate, improve and manufacture wearing parts for presses manufactured by our competitors.

Technical Service Engineers

Our dedicated team of specialists and experienced engineers can provide both local and remote assistance, including Maintenance, Commissioning, Plant Audits, Plant Design, Press upgrades.